Complete Face   $35 (brow, lip and chin)

Eyebrow Shaping   $20+

Upper Lip  $12

Underarm   $30

Full Arm   $45

Half Arm  $25

Full Leg   $65

Half Leg   $40

Chest or Back  $50+

Brazilian Bikini  $50+

Standard Bikini   $40+


Rapid Full Body  $50

Express Full Body  $45

Original Full Body  $35

Original Full Body - Series of 4    $120

Before & After Tips for a Successful Spray Tan!


  1. Take a shower as normal and be careful to rinse off ALL of the shampoo and soap; also don't apply any deodorant, moisturizer, lotion, cream or makeup before your spray tan.

  2. Exfoliate with an oil-free product! This is the most important aspect of your before-appointment regimen.  By exfoliating, you are turning your skin into a clean slate for your tan consultant.  Properly exfoliating with an oil-free product, can increase the life of your tan by up to three days!

  3. What to Wear to Your Appointment!  Aviva Labs' solutions are oil free, which means they will not stain your clothes bedsheets or your couch; however, we do suggest that you wear dark, loose clothing so that your clothing doesn't rub against the spray tan while it is setting.


  1. Do not go swimming or work out during the 8 hours that your tan is setting to ensure that the tan is given enough time to properly develop.  (Don't forget to ask your spray tan consultant about the convenient rapid wash off tans!)

  2. For your first shower: rinse only! Soaps and Shampoos can lessen the quality of your spray tan.  To be even safer: after your first rinse off, use Aviva Labs' DHA-Infused Shower Glow to significantly prolong the life of your tan.

  3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!  A spray tan's worst enemy is dry skin; a spray tan's best friend is a moisturizer your skin will stay soft, supple, and most importantly tanned for days longer!